Laundry flush manifold enhancements

Manifold Product changes

We are committed to continuous improvements and have enhanced our laundry manifold. The solenoid valve is switching from brass to plastic, this helps with chemical compatibility.


We have also introduced a different manufacturing process for the body to enhance quality and strengthen our supply chain. The changes are subtle and do not affect performance.
The new part numbers are below:

Previous Part Numbers
New Part Numbers

Alongside this, we have also launched a new reliable and robust laundry flush manifold to complement our existing BrightLogic laundry dosing range.

Connected to the mains water the laundry flush manifold dilutes and flushes chemicals safely to a commercial laundry washer.

What are the benefits of a laundry flush manifold?

Flush chemicals over long distances

For larger industrial laundries, it is quite common for laundry dosing equipment to be located several meters away from the washing machine. When that happens, the flush manifold assists the dosing equipment by pushing chemical to the washing machine, resulting in effective laundry cleaning. The flush manifold only requires one outlet tube, which prevents the need to run multiple lengths of tubing over long distances saving on installation time and costs.

Dilute laundry chemicals effectively

Laundry flush manifolds are useful accessories as they dilute laundry chemicals before they enter the machine using the water mains. Putting laundry chemicals directly into the washing machine too soon with neat chemical may damage the laundry. A flush manifold sufficiently dilutes  the chemical before it enters the machine, protecting your laundry.

Benefits of the new laundry flush manifold:

  • Easy installation with two holding brackets, which allow the manifold to simply click into place
  • Low maintenance
  • Transports liquid chemical over longer distances
  • Maximum chemical compatibility
  • Can extend to 8 or 10 way manifold channels
  • Comes in protective, compact packaging – reducing freight costs
  • Pre-wired solenoid valve for quicker installation time.

The new laundry flush manifold works with the existing BrightLogic laundry dosing range and may be compatible with other equipment that requires using a manifold.

To find out how the laundry manifold can help your business with laundry, contact us.

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