The benefits of chemical dispensing systems

In Tomorrow’s Cleaning, we explore the benefits of chemical dispensing systems, and why it’s fast becoming the go-to cleaning system for companies.

A chemical dispensing system is a piece of equipment that doses or dilutes chemical at the point of use, by the end user. The popularity of these systems in the cleaning and hygiene industry has increased over the years due to their green, safe-to-use and cost-effective advantages. In this article, we discuss the benefits of chemical dispensing systems for the user and the business.

A greener solution

Using pre-diluted, ready-to-use spray bottles and cleaning products are increasingly becoming an outdated practice. Whilst convenient, they come with many drawbacks. Spray bottles are expensive, need a lot of storage space and are harmful to the environment due to waste created from the packaging and transport.

Therefore, using chemical dispensing systems are increasingly recognised as a better solution for the environment. They reduce excess waste, as users can use reusable bottles. For example, a 2l container of chemical concentrate is approximately 75 spray-bottles. Less packaging means fewer deliveries and lowers fuel use that makes a positive impact on the carbon footprint. Not to mention the reduction of transport costs.

As companies opt for greener solutions, chemical dispensing systems are the preferred choice. 

Safer for the user

Chemicals in their pure form are hazardous and can have an adverse effect on people’s health. Chemical dispensing systems are designed to ensure the safety of staff by removing direct contact and exposure to the chemical. There are now many options to store chemicals available on the market. Brightwell  EcoRange for example, has a protective cabinet to store chemicals, minimising risk of handling the chemical and helping to reduce spillage and injuries.

Ensures accurate dosing

Effective cleaning is vital in the hygiene and cleaning sectors, which is why accurate dosing of chemical is essential. This effectiveness of cleaning routines starts with preparing the cleaning chemicals at point-of-use. When the user manually pours the chemical into a carrier and dilutes it with water, also known as the ‘glug-glug’ method, they risk using too much or too little chemical. This can result in two ways.

  • With self-pouring methods, users cannot always accurately determine the right amount to use. Using too much results in wastage and can create sticky surfaces as the chemical hasn’t been diluted properly. Not a great impression for customers.
  • If you use too little chemical, it can result in poor cleaning results and the cleaning has to be carried out again. In environments such as the healthcare sector, inefficient cleaning comes with serious implications. It can increase the risk of illness and spread bacteria.

Chemical dispensers ensure an accurate dose of chemical, every time. This promotes thorough cleaning, prevents wastage and controls your costs. 


As businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce and correctly forecast cleaning cost, the use of chemical concentrates in conjunction with a chemical dosing system gives provides cost-saving advantages.

Chemical dispensing systems accurately dose the correct amount of chemical, these benefits businesses as it makes it easier to forecast their cleaning costs. They can control the consumption of chemicals and monitor how much they use.

Overall, a chemical dispensing system is a cost-effective alternative to using ready-made cleaning solutions. They are better for the environment, efficient and make cleaning easier by providing safe and accurate dosing. 

Brightwell has created the EcoRange of chemical dispensing and dosing systems, offering businesses a wide variety of cost-effective systems for a precise, safe and reliable chemical management. With the EcoMulti, users can dilute up to four chemicals from one dispenser, making it a one stop cleaning station that is easy to manage and use.

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